Providers of Quality Assured, Best Practice Grounds Maintenance and Weed Management in North Queensland for over 20 years

Ausfield Services is a privately owned, Townsville based business specialising in the provision of ground maintenance, vegetation and weed control, Natural Resource Management consultation and asset management services for public and government owned industrial sites and infrastructure.

Ausfield Services’ success in meeting and exceeding the needs of its diverse client base is built on a constant commitment to professionalism in all areas of its operations. Our staff are committed to client satisfaction. Our Field Service Teams understand the local environment and community that they work in.

In combination with our Management Team, Ausfield Services has two full-time Field Service Teams and the capacity for an additional two teams during times of greater demand. Our team are inducted, licensed and ready to mobilise to our clients’ needs at anytime.

The team at Ausfield Services has a combined 50 years experience in grounds maintenance, business management, project management, facilities management, human resource management and work place health and safety. Our field service teams understand their local environment, allowing them to provide a professional and timely service to all clients. Ausfield’s success in meeting and exceeding the needs of its diverse client base is built on a constant commitment to professionalism in all areas of its operations.

Emma Blacklock – Managing Director

Emma holds a Bachelor of Science in Australian Environmental Studies, spending time as the Executive Officer for a large Natural Resource Management authority, while project managing a number of significant Government funded projects and groups. She also has experience with communications and marketing, spending several years working for a large, independent school in this position. Emma is also a graduate of the Marcus Oldham College Rural Leadership Course and presently holds the position of Chairperson of the School Board for St Clare’s Catholic School.

As a result, Emma’s skill set includes, but is not limited to:

  • Board Governance
  • Understanding and interpretation of Environmental Legislation
  • Customer and stakeholder relations
  • Staff management and development
  • Budget development and control
  • Project management and acquittal
  • Marketing, branding and communications
  • Document and tender writing
  • Client relationship management
  • Work Place Health and Safety management

Owen Blacklock – Director/Operations Manager

Owen is a trade qualified Heavy Equipment Diesel Fitter and holds a Graduate Certificate in Maintenance Planning. With experience in General Management level roles for conveyor and engineering companies, his significant experience in the inception, management and analysis of large engineering projects across several industries including mining, agriculture, quarries, Local Government and transport, enables him to bring the following skills and networks to the business:

  • Tender preparation
  • Contract management between 1-2 million dollars
  • Customer & stakeholder relations
  • Project management
  • Staff management
  • EBA development and negotiations
  • Budget development and control
  • Profit and Loss Management
  • Work Place Health and Safety Management

Ausfield Services has a wide and varied client and contract list across the commercial and industrial sector. Clients include City Councils, Water Authorities, Child Care Centers, Schools, Real Estate Agents, Commonwealth Government Agencies and the Mining and Production Sector.

Our Quality Assurance processes and procedures ensure that all work is managed in a timely and safe manner, through the development and implementation of client and contract specific work practices including:

  • Detailed work scope
  • Detailed work orders
  • Site work reports
  • Weekly analysis of schedule, workforce, weather conditions and resources
  • Weekly toolbox meetings.
  • WHS procedures and policies ensure work is conducted in a safe, preventative manners.
  • Staff inducted with Ausfield
  • Staff inducted to all sites
  • Detailed Safe Operating Procedures
  • Detailed Site Work Reports
  • Detailed Work Scope and Work Orders
  • Leading Hand to provide on-site WHS management.
  • Corrective Action Reporting process allows for detailed reporting back to Council of all incidents, including illegal dumping.

We pride ourselves on maintaining open and positive communications with all managers. The Team at Ausfield Services are experienced in project planning and management, allowing all of our projects and contracts on time and within budget. Our flexibility in scheduling provides our clients with greater value in service delivery during times of low vegetation growth. We are proud to say that we have, to date, no Workplace Health and Safety incidents recorded or reported.

Ausfield Services’ Field Service Teams are equipped with industry-best equipment to provide reliable and efficient service. Director Owen Blacklock’s extensive experience in Maintenance Planning and Management, ensures that all equipment and resources are fully services and maintained, without affecting our work schedule, ensuring consistent service levels are maintained for all clients.

Our capacity to meet the needs of our clients is extended by our local business networks and sound relationships with local Hire Service Providers and Agencies.

Ausfield Services has a proven track record in Environmental Protection and Management. During its history, Ausfield Services has never had an Environmental incident.

A combination of Emma’s qualification in Environmental Science, including experience in Natural Resource Management, along with the Environmental Policy within the Quality Assurance program ensure that environmental protection and sustainability are a priority:

The purpose of this Workplace Health, Safety and Environment Manual is to outline the systems and processes that have been put in place by Ausfield Services to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and third parties and facilitate compliance with environmental guidelines.

This manual has been structured to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety, AS/NZS 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems and applicable legislative and regulatory standards.

The manual shall operate in conjunction with other established internal management systems such as quality management to ensure the monitoring of all operational activities.

The information contained in this document provides a framework for the planning, implementation, control, measurement, monitoring and review of workplace health, safety and environmental systems necessary to eliminate or prevent potentially adverse risks associated with operational activities.

All works undertaken shall be in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards, State and Local Government regulations including:

  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011
  • Environmental Protection Act (Queensland) 1994 and Environmental Protection Policies
  • Environmental Protection Regulation 1996
  • Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966
  • Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Regulation 1998
  • Other Acts as required

This policy is implemented through strategic and day to day environmental management process:

Long Term

  • The completion of effective risk assessments prior to the commencement of work to ascertain both clear and underlying environmental risks
  • Development of detailed site work specifications and scopes (in clear and concise, laymans language),, which direct field officers in the delivery of positive environmental outcomes and management
  • Maintenance of all licenses. For example ACDC and Wet Tropics Management Authority Permit
  • Ongoing, training and awareness building of staff to ensure capacity building and understanding of environmental risk, management and outcomes
  • Continued use of Best Practice Management Principles in the purchase and use of all chemicals and resources (to Australian Standards, Australian made and within QA guidelines).

Day to Day

  • Utilization of our Site Work Reports, where any on-site Environmental hazards are identified
  • Preferred supplier arrangements under our Quality Assurance Program ensures controlled supply of herbicides from reputable suppliers (to Australian Standards, Australian made)
  • Communication with clients and stakeholders to ensure that Best Practice Management is used at all times
  • Work orders include instruction for care in environmentally sensitive areas (see 3.2 Qualitative Criteria Appendix A for example)
  • Clear, concise record keeping of herbicide use at all sites (see Appendix B 19 for example)
  • Employment of qualified staff
  • Employment of local staff, who understand and respect their local environment

All of the above processes combine to ensure all work undertaken by Ausfield Services is delivered with positive environmental outcomes.

Ausfield Services is proud to be a Townsville owned and operated business. The business has been operating locally for 20 years. It is the policy of Ausfield Services to employ local, qualified personnel.

Ausfield Services is passionate about its “shop local, buy local” ethos, with all plant, equipment and materials, purchased from local, Townsville owned businesses.

Ausfield Services currently sources resources, equipment and sub-contracting services from the following Townsville Based businesses:

  • North Queensland Insurance Brokers
  • Key Motors – Mazda
  • Brashas
  • Boox – Book keeping
  • JKM Accountants
  • Scott Kennedy Landscaping and Supplies
  • PlantEm Irrigation Solutions
  • Rising Sun Industries
  • Stihl Shop Garbutt
  • Northern Rural Supplies
  • Hip Pocket Workwear
  • Fantasea Cruising
  • Instant Glass
  • Cutting Edge Machinery
  • Estate Mowers
  • Tropic Distributors
  • Enviroedge Sustainable Developments
  • Andrew Croaker Slashing
  • All Class North
  • Vetta Productions

Ausfield Services is passionate about its “shop local, buy local” ethos, with all plant, equipment and materials, purchased from local, Townsville owned businesses.